#24 Geislinger – what does kite surfing and powertrain solutions have in common? Interview with Torsten Philipp

Family-owned Geislinger GmbH supplies couplings, damper and powertrain solution to various industries like marine and wind power. Get to know Torsten Philipp, Managing Director, in this episode as we talk about:

  • hurdles of entering new markets and adopting to new requirements, boundary conditions and quality standards
  • the company’s credo of “built to last” with a strong focus on realibility 
  • speeding technical developments and the ocurring demand of fast solutions with new applications and implementations
  • the changes related to a management handover to the fourth generation within the company
  • and the story behind Levitaz Hydrofoils, a successful brand within water sports, and their link to Geislinger

Torsten has played in various punk rock bands in his youth and he transfer this pure energy into his personal as well as professional life.



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