#42 – How can AI enhance your cruise experience? Interview with Oliver-Andreas Leszczynski

Join me in episode #42 of HANSA.newscast, as I continue to explore the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in the cruising industry together with Oliver-Andreas Leszczynski, Director of Artificial Intelligence & Data at Meyer Werft. In the last episode, Oliver revealed that AI has led to a 30% reduction in design hours and 20% savings in materials for pipe and cable designs, showcasing significant efficiency improvements within the shipyard. This time we delve into questions like: 

🛋️ How could an AI-driven cabin look and feel like? 

🚀 What is currently technically possible and what is future technology? 

🧠 What is emotional recognition, and why is it not implemented? 

📡 Is the impact of high-speed internet and data availability onboard cruise vessels a game-changer? 

🔒 GDPR regulations and its influence 

Listen in if you are curious for insights!


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