#43 – Isn’t AI too energy-intensive to be sustainable? Interview with Oliver-Andreas Leszczynski

🎙AI promises a revolutionary impact on the maritime industry, enhancing efficiency, sustainability, and customer experience, according to Oliver-Andreas Leszczynski, Director of Artificial Intelligence & Data at Meyer Werft. Despite the energy demanding nature of training and running AI models, success in AI will be measured by its ability to reduce environmental impact and improve industry operations. Key points discussed include: 

🌐 AI’s broader impact on maritime Industry  

🤖 Robotic process automation (RPA) in ship building  

🔒 ️ Cybersecurity   

🌱 Sustainability of AI  

🌍 Pioneer countries that use renewable energy for AI operations  

📈 Market challenges 

Listen in for a deeper dive into how AI is transforming the maritime industry.


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