#34 Kongsberg Maritime & Idealship – how can ship efficiency be improved? Interview with Richard Marioth and Kai Lindenberg

Starting off 2024 with an engaging discussion as I host Richard Marioth, Founder of Idealship, and Kai Lindberg, Aftermarket Sales Manager at Kongsberg Maritime. Topic was the new guidelines from the Maritime Cluster of Northern Germany on ship efficiency and international emission regulations. Listen in and get some great insights into: 

🗂️ Existing and upcoming regulations in international shipping 

⛽️ Assessment matrix with a comparison of various fuels like HFO, MDO, LNG, LPG, Methanol, Ethanol, Biofuel, Ammonia, Hydrogen based on multiple criteria 

👩‍🎨 Efficiency as a key design principle for technology providers 

🌍 Global collaboration for sustainability 

😰 Challenges in industry adoption 

The MCN guidelines are free of charge and in English, just send an email to:



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