#35 EST-Floattech – what are the future trends for battery systems? Interview with Joep Gorgels

Meet Joep Gorgels, CFO and Business Development Officer at EST-Floattech, a Dutch company providing energy storage solutions for the maritime industry, in this episode of HANSA.newscast. Our conversation covers topics such as the company’s expansion into Asia, the development of their Octopus series, competition in the battery market, challenges in electrifying shipping, and the need for new business models. Listen in and get insights into: 

  • business development aspects of EST-Floattech 
  • various facets influencing the company’s growth and success 
  • strategic importance of Asia 
  • the need for further awareness regarding the capabilities of energy storage systems 
  • emerging trends like containerized solutions  

Joep is deeply passionate about sustainability in the maritime sector; his insights reveal a strategic leader committed to global expansion, technological innovation, and creating environmentally impactful solutions in the energy storage industry. 


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