Wärtsilä supplies drives for three new Aasen freighters

Caption: Wärtsilä supplies drives for three new Aasen buildings

The technology group Wärtsilä has received an order to supply an integrated hybrid propulsion solution for three new self-unloading cargo ships.

The freighters will be built at the Royal Bodewes shipyard in the Netherlands for the Norwegian shipping company Aasen Shipping. They will be equipped with Wärtsilä 25 engines, which were launched in September 2022. The engines and the ship are prepared for operation with sustainable fuels in the future. The order was booked in September 2023[ds_preview].

The Finnish engine manufacturer has already equipped two previous Aasen Shipping vessels, the “Aasfoss” and the “Aasfjell”, with a similar hybrid propulsion solution. These vessels have been operating successfully with the hybrid propulsion solution for almost two years, and this success was cited as the main reason for awarding this new contract, the technology group says.

Wärtsilä delivers a comprehensive package

For each of the three 9,500 dwt vessels, Wärtsilä will supply a six-cylinder 25 main engine with NOx reduction system, a gearbox and controllable pitch propeller with shaft line, a Pro-Touch bridge control system, a hybrid system with DC hub and 620 kWh battery capacity, a control system, and battery, power and energy management systems. The equipment is scheduled to be delivered to Royal Bodewes in December 2025 and 2026.

“We are very pleased with the support and close cooperation with Wärtsilä, which has helped us to achieve more efficient and cleaner freight transportation. This is important for us. In addition, the Wärtsilä engines are designed so that we can later switch to sustainable fuels, which will enable us to further reduce carbon dioxide emissions in line with our fleet decarbonization goals,” said Torbjørn Torkelsen, CEO of Aasen Shipping.

Wärtsilä liefert Antriebe für drei Aasen-Neubauten
The innovative propulsion systems are destined for three Aasen newbuildings

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