EPM Next Generation – 4 different EPM types, only one device

Since 2008 IMES’ electronic indicator EPM-XP is in series production and up to now IMES offers four different EPM types: EPM-Peak, EPM-XP, EPM-XPplus and EPM-XPplus-vibro.

EPM-NG-frei-1-Ebene-webThe measurements the user can perform are depending on the EPM type he is using. The digital peak pressure indicator EPM-Peak is designed to measure the maximum value of cylinder pressure while the engine analyser EPM-XPplus-vibro enables advanced combustion pressure measurements including vibro-acoustic diagnostic on 2- and 4-stroke diesel engines.

The new generation is a unique further development, that offers one common hardware for all EPM types. This enables easy updates and system upgrades from peak pressure indicator EPM-Peak up to engine analyser EPM-XPplus-vibro without sending the device back to IMES workshop. The user can purchase a licence file for an upgrade to a higher version. device.


The collected data of all EPM types can be displayed and evaluated on the EPM visualisation software. Via USB port the device will be connected to a PC and the visualisation software identifies the EPM type and activates the corresponding monitoring functions. Depending on the instrument peak pressure, pressure- and combustion behavior, performance data as well as valve time will be evaluated and analysed.

The created measurement files can be sent to the superintendent in the shipowner office who is able to download the visualisation software from the IMES homepage free of charge. 

If the PC is connected to the Internet, it will be automatically checked if there are any firmware- or visualisation software updates. The user can install the updates which are free of charge.

Further new features are a larger and more comprehensive display and two additional function keys for an easier menu handling.

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