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TGE Marine is a leading liquefied gas systems’ provider, specialising in the design and engineering of cargo handling systems and tanks for any type of liquefied gas carriers, bunker ships and FSRUs.

CO2 Carriers -Decades of experience in a new market- TGE Marine

TGE Marine work under Engineering Procurement Construction-Supervision (EPCS) agreements on liquefied fuel gas systems for LNG, Ammonia (NH3) and future fuels. TGE Marine’s broad expertise in liquefied gas- and cryogenic systems is based on more than 40 years of engineering experience in the marine industry.

With a passion for innovation TGE Marine support the industry with technical solutions for a sustainable future, such as alternative fuels or CO2 transport for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) projects.

TGE Marine is a key player in areas such as CO2 carriers, Fuel Gas Systems, LPG/Ammonia and Ethylene Gas Carriers, LNG Carriers, Shuttle Tankers and Bunker Vessels, Ammonia Fuel Gas Systems and Floating Storage Regasification Units. TGE Marine is involved in numerous ground-breaking studies and research projects for LCO2 logistics worldwide and often operates as an advisory body in the design of vessels. TGE Marine also have systems for all major engine makers and types of engines (2-stroke, 4-stroke, high/low pressure) we are the most experienced independent provider of fuel gas systems worldwide.

TGE Marine products are the result of years of experience and particular emphasis is put upon creating products and systems which ensures a low operational cost and future proofed products in line with potentially changing rules and regulations.

TGE Marine is committed to support its clients and their projects for gas carriers and fuel gas systems from the development throughout the lifetime of the vessel. With a dedicated service team, TGE Marine supports owners and operators during the lifetime of the vessel with operational support, training and performance optimisation.

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Caption: CO2 Carriers -Decades of experience in a new market- TGE Marine