Voith propulsion for largest A&R superyacht

Caption: The "Liva" is one of the largest superyachts ever built by Abeking & Rassmusen

With a length of around 118 meters, the “Liva” is the largest superyacht ever built at the Abeking & Rasmussen shipyard in Lemwerder.

The propulsion system for the ship, which was delivered last August, was manufactured by Voith, based in Heidenheim. According to the company, this is designed for exceptionally quiet operation. The elementary components of this concept include the four Voith Inline Thrusters 1000-300 (VIT), each with an output of 300 kW[ds_preview].

Since its market launch in 2008, the VIT has proven itself in numerous maritime applications, says Voith. The popularity of the system is based, among other things, on its compact design, extremely low-vibration operation and fast response times with low maintenance requirements, the manufacturer adds.

Voith system works without shaft and gearbox

The blades of the VIT can be replaced individually if required

In the VIT, an inner ring propeller is driven by a permanent magnet electric motor. The system works without a shaft and gearbox. The propeller is supported by a seawater-lubricated plain bearing patented by Voith. This technology ensures a compact design, low vibrations and extremely smooth running. A specially developed blade geometry also reduces cavitation and thus reduces vibration and noise development.

Due to its design, the VIT has few wearing parts and the propeller blades can be replaced individually and under water. Both features enable uncomplicated and cost-efficient maintenance. “The VIT is a perfect drive for ships where passengers have particularly high demands in terms of comfort. The extremely quiet running ensures an extremely pleasant stay on board. And the design principle ensures reliable operation at all times,” says Oliver Lenz, Sales Application Manager at Voith.

Voith / »Liva«
The “Liva” is one of the largest superyachts that Abeking & Rassmusen has ever built

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