The Danish Innovation Fund invests in ShippingLab project

ShippingLab has received an investment of over DKK31m from the Innovation Fund and has announced the launch of SLGREEN, a project aimed at paving the way for future green shipping.

With SLGREEN, ShippingLab will develop new tools to predict ships’ performance under realistic conditions over the next three years, implement methods to optimise hull maintenance to avoid biofouling, monitor engine condition and wear to ensure reliable operation, introduce remote navigation systems to improve safety and efficiency and develop solutions to enhance crew comfort and health on board the ships.

In addition to the support from the Innovation Fund, the project is also backed by the Danish Maritime Fund and Lauritzen Fonden.

A catalyst for maritime innovation

ShippingLab is the Blue Denmark’s joint platform for maritime research, development, and innovation. The company highlights this is where shipping companies, technology providers, universities, GTS institutes, organisations, and authorities work closely together to develop Danish maritime competencies and solutions, support Danish maritime entrepreneurship, and attract technical talents to Blue Denmark.

The launch of SLGREEN marks the beginning of a new, ambitious initiative in ShippingLab aimed at increasing energy efficiency, accelerating the green transition of the maritime sector, and positioning the Blue Denmark as a global frontrunner in decarbonization.

“ShippingLab is founded on many years of good and fruitful collaboration across the Blue Denmark. I am very pleased that we now, with SLGREEN, can build on this success with new, ground breaking initiatives. The many partners in the project are characterised by high ambitions, great commitment, and world-class skills. So, I know that SLGREEN will make a real difference for the maritime industry,” says Morten Vejlgaard-Laursen, chairman of ShippingLab.

“Danish maritime companies and maritime technology are globally recognised for innovative, high-quality solutions. It’s imperative that we not only maintain but also build upon this position. We won’t merely follow the global shift towards greener shipping; we want to drive it. That’s the objective of SLGREEN. Moreover, the project will play a pivotal role in job creation and attracting new talent to our dynamic industry.” adds Jenny N. Braat, CEO of Danish Maritime.

A boost for Danish Shipping

“Danish shipping companies have long set course for climate neutrality, and our shipping companies and equipment manufacturers are leading the way for global shipping. But we cannot rest on our laurels, so I am pleased that ShippingLab can now launch SLGREEN, which will help develop the green and secure solutions of the future in shipping. It will be exciting to follow,” says Anne H. Steffensen, CEO of Danish Shipping.

The Innovation Fund’s support for SLGREEN means that ShippingLab can strengthen its foundation by increasing the level of competence in the Blue Denmark, creating value and new business opportunities for Danish maritime actors, and increasing interest among technical students for a career in the maritime sector.

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Caption: ShippingLab’s SLGREEN project will see the development of performance tools for vessel optimisation