“Spear” – a new trimaran yacht concept presented

Caption: The yacht is designed as a trimaran

Berlin yacht designer Theodoros Fotiadis and British naval architects Lateral have presented a new yacht design: a 140 m long trimaran.

The yacht concept with the name “Spear” is intended to combine efficiency and comfort with its striking, streamlined design. [ds_preview]

The ship has a gross tonnage of 4,650 with a length of 140 m and a width of 23 m. The maximum speed of the “Spear” is given as 21 knots. At the heart of the energy architecture is a medium-speed engine from Wärtsilä. This has an output of 6,100 kW.

The yacht is designed as a trimaran

“Spear” ready for alternative fuels

Such an engine is often found in large commercial vessels. According to the two developers of the new yacht concept, this enables further fuel savings of 15% per kW compared to a typical high-speed yacht engine. “By integrating a PTO/PTI-capable gearbox into the system, we can use this excess capacity to power all of the yacht’s domestic consumers while underway,” they say. The yacht should be able to reach up to 7,500 nautical miles in total.

The Trimarn’s floats should contribute to greater comfort and reduce the need for active stabilisation. Although the floats are not available for the interior, they do provide valuable tank volume. This could make it easier to accommodate future fuels, especially methanol.

The yacht has been designed to maximise outdoor living space. To this end, it has extensive sun decks, outdoor dining areas and lounge areas where guests can relax in the sun or shade.

The “Spear” is characterised by sleek lines

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