Sita: Aviation expert sets course for maritime sector

Sita, which originally specialised in technologies for the aviation industry, now wants to expand into the shipping industry.

Solutions are to be transferred from “air to sea” under the SmartSea brand. The Swiss company has acquired Columbia Shipmanagement (CSM) as its first customer.

SmartSea uses advanced technologies that have already proven themselves in aviation. These include digital solutions for operational processes, communication systems, security applications and data management. These technologies are designed to support the efficient management of crew, passengers, cargo and baggage, similar to aviation. The aim is to improve efficiency, safety and sustainability in the maritime industry by using innovative IT systems both on land and on board ships.

Maritime industry to catch up with aviation industry

“Sita’s launch of SmartSea and our first agreement with CSM marks a strategic turning point for both Sita and the digitalisation of the maritime industry. The sector is taking important steps to catch up with the automotive and aviation industries from a technological perspective. The inclusion of Sita in this endeavour will accelerate this goal exponentially. SmartSea will be the platform that brings the latest technology from aviation (Sita) to the maritime industry,” says Julian Panter, CEO of SmartSea.

Mark O’Neil, CEO of Columbia Group, adds: “I am very excited to be workin with SmartSea as it brings its extensive experience and innovative aviation technology to the maritime industry. By working with SmartSea, we will be able to offer maritime stakeholders a complete IT system solution both onshore and onboard that will dramatically improve efficiency, safety and sustainability. The use of this technology will revolutionise the industry and drive digitalisation, allowing us to catch up with other technologically advanced industries.”

About Sita

With 75 years of experience, the company says it serves 95% of international destinations in the aviation industry and works closely with over 2,500 airlines, airports, ground handlers and governments. More than 70 governments and all G20 countries rely on the company’s solutions, and 85% of international air passengers worldwide benefit from its digital border solutions, it adds.

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