Rossinavi presents new hybrid-electric yacht

“Seawolf X” is the first hybrid-electric yacht from Italian shipbuilder Rossinavi. The new build has now been launched.

The exterior design of the hybrid-electric catamaran was created by Fulvio De Simoni Yacht Design. New York-based Meyer Davis Studio is responsible for the interior design. The Rossinavi yacht bears the so-called BluE label, which indicates environmentally friendly solutions on board.

According to the shipyard, the most important technical features of the “Seawolf X” include the following three performance scenarios:

  • On one-day trips, the catamaran can run 100% in electric mode.
  • On multi-day voyages, the catamaran can sail 90% of the time in electric mode.
  • On transatlantic voyages, the catamaran can sail the Atlantic 80% of the time in electric mode. The hibernation mode, which is activated when the catamaran docks, reduces consumption to a minimum and, according to Rossinavi, the energy generated can be returned to the quay or to a private property.

Two diesel generators, which can quickly recharge the batteries, are also part of the propulsion system. Thanks to Rossinavi’s AI technology, the yacht can be recharged in just five hours.

Rossinavi relies on artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligence on board, known as Rossinavi AI, was developed by the Italian shipyard itself. The aim was to improve comfort and maximise the yacht’s green potential. According to Rossinavi, the artificial intelligence constantly analyses the operation of the ship. It can learn from observations and predict the needs of guests on board. The AI is also in constant dialogue with the crew members, advising them to behave in a more environmentally friendly manner and guiding them towards conscious cruising.

The result is error-free and seamless navigation that is tailored to the needs of the guests on board, according to the shipyard. The AI software also monitors the battery to keep it within a range of 20 to 80%. This is the ideal range to ensure a longer battery life.

In its quest for sustainability, the Fulvio De Simoni Yacht Design team has integrated solar panels into the vessel to ensure a large surface area for energy recovery. In addition, the efficiency of the hull has been improved through the development of lightweight solutions, including a clever anchor installation.

“We wanted to design the boat of the future that is not bound by convention, but still achievable with cutting-edge technology and minimal environmental impact,” says Fulvio De Simoni, founder of Fulvio De Simoni Yacht Design.

Rossinavi’s BluE philosophy

In 2022, Rossinavi says it has prioritised the environmental sustainability of its ship designs. BluE stands for hybrid-electric yachts. These ships are powered by batteries and solar cells. In electric mode, the yachts can run on up to 100% electricity during day trips. The solar cells absorb sunlight during the day and convert it into energy using photovoltaic technology. This energy is stored in batteries.

Rossinavi / Seawolf X
The new Rossinavi yacht can be operated up to 100% electrically during day trips

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Caption: The new Rossinavi yacht can be powered up to 100% electrically for day trips