#20 Vulkan Group – what is the secret behind a high performance coupling? Interview with Gunnar Gödecke

Meet an expert who, according to himself, has the best job within the Vulkan Group in this episode of my technical hot seat. Dr. Gunnar Gödecke, Global Director Innovation, share some interesting insights into the world of Vulkan’s marine drive technology – as it is more behind a flexible coupling than some “glued steel and rubber” as he so nicely puts it. Listening to Gunnar describing the knowhow and expertise within the company, it soon becomes clear that an accurate torsional vibration calculation as well as correct moulding are some of the key components to achieving quality products. During our talk we also discuss how new fuels and marine drive technology influence their R&D strategy as well as how innovation has changed over the years.

Listen in and learn more about this successful engineering company in Germany, as Gunnar share a fun fact from the Hackforth family, who owns Vulkan Group, as well as his own little likable secret.

Vulkan Group has 5 production sites, over 50 sales companies and around 1,400 employees at more than 18 locations worldwide. The family owned company is one of the technology and market leaders in the field of marine, industrial and energy technology as well as refrigeration and air conditioning technology.

About Gunnar: Gunnar is an enthusiastic leader who burns for innovation and loves his job. He has a PhD in mechanical engineering and joined the Vulkan Group in 2008, where he enjoys working on new ideas within his team worldwide.


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