#17 Shell Marine – what is the future fuel in shipping? Interview with Marcus Schaerer

In episode #17 of my technical Hot Seat I talk to Marcus Schaerer, GM Services & Technical at Shell Marine. We touch upon different topics like Shell’s role in the decarbonization process of the shipping industry, will biofuel stay, future fuels and how Shell is transforming itself to also play a role in a future with net-zero emissions. You will learn more about technical challenges change of fuels and regulations has on different aspects of the operation of a vessel – especially the engine – but also why it is so hard for Owners to decide what engine and fuel to chose for their newbuilds. Furthermore, the importance of collaboration and getting the dots connected are highlighted as an important aspect to solve current challenges in the industry. Enjoy the insights from a passionate expert in this episode!

Shell Marine provides services, lubricants and technical support for the marine industry. It serves over 10,000 vessels, ranging from large ocean-going tankers to small fishing boats in over 700 ports across 63 countries.

About Marcus:

Marcus is a professional chef and has a diploma to run a hotel, but fell in love with the harbor and the maritime industry as he moved to Hamburg more than 20 years ago. Now he has an extensive knowledge about the shipping industry, and work closely with owners and operators to adapt, evolve and advance their operation as needed in these changing times.


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