#10 Alma Clean Power – what is the advantage of SOFC technology? Interview with Bernt Skeie

Meet Bernt Skeie, founder and CEO of  Alma Clean Power that is building containerized SOFC modules for the marine, oil & gas sectors. The company was set up early 2022 and is based in Norway. With more than 30 years of experience from Clara Venture Labs, their ambition is to become the leading supplier of low and zero emission power systems for the ocean industries – enjoy!

Alma has developed clean power solutions for the future. The introduction to Alma’s adventure is world leading competence in fuel cell technology developed over more than 30 years of research and innovation in maritime, energy and space technology. Alma developed its first fuel cell offshore back in 1991 and is now building world’s first large scale ammonia fuel cell demonstration on a commercial vessel.

About Bernt: Bernt is well known in Norway with his large network towards renewable energy, clean tech, finance and R&D. He has a deep understanding of the energy market, and is currently focused on clean-tech and Renewable Energy (Hydrogen, Ammonia, Energy Storage, Fuel Cells and Carbon Capture).


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