Orca AI keeps watch on the future

Caption: Orca AI expects to see more growth in the future

Israeli-based Orca AI has seen rapid and continual growth since it launched in the market in 2020. Now, with its latest development, the company sees that more can be done with AI in the future.

Orca AI recently announced the latest development of its Seapod technology. The update features the next-generation lookout unit, featuring eight highly sensitive cameras providing unmatched field-of-view (FOV) and enhanced target detection, all wrapped up in a lightweight, durable construction.

However, in its third year of commercialisation, Orca AI expects further growth of the company. With over 800 vessels under contract, CEO Yarden Gross highlights that the company is seeing an increasing number of installations.

The reason for the company’s growth, Gross highlights, is through repeat business, where “we hear some of our first customers say Orca is very different today to how it was.” Orca AI is also seeing an upturn in new customers as well. Gross highlights that the company is constantly evolving and ensuring its software meets its customers’ needs.

AI is the future

AI is a buzzword in the industry, but for Orca AI, it is the future of technology development. Building a start-up company requires certain things to be in place, reflects Gross. “The product needs to be at a level of perfection. Then you need to build a team.” It is from these initial footsteps into the maritime market that Orca AI has now found itself and its products as standard equipment onboard clients’ vessels.

However, AI is the future technology for Orca AI. Gross comments that, “From the data we collect today helps to show how we build on security, safety, efficiency and green vessels in the future.”

Orca AI expects to develop its stakeholders and release more developments in the future, such as bridging the gap between ship and shore through its solutions. It sees a need in the market for its products and has experience with AI that will support its developments in the future.

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