Optimarin significantly expands capacity for ballast water technology

With the recently announced acquisition of Hyde Marine, Norwegian ballast water specialist Optimarin is entering a new phase of growth.

Optimarin is expanding its position in the market for ballast water treatment systems with the acquisition of market leader Hyde Marine from De Nora Marine Technologies. This will significantly increase the number of BWTS installed and give Hyde customers access to its global customer service network. [ds_preview]

The Norwegian ballast water treatment specialist has entered into a definitive purchase agreement with Italian company De Nora to acquire Hyde Marine’s UV BWTS technology, products and inventory. Optimarin will also provide service and support for approximately 600 Hyde Marine systems installed on vessels, in addition to the more than 1,400 proprietary ballast water systems the Norwegians have installed on ships.

The acquisition, for an undisclosed sum, follows an earlier decision by Milan-listed De Nora to withdraw from the maritime business in order to focus on growth in its strategic core markets of municipalities and industry.

Optimarin, Hyde, Svanheld
Tore Svanheld

“The reason for this landmark transaction is to strengthen our leading position as a long-term supplier of marine ballast water treatment systems and to expand our product offering for this market,” says newly appointed CEO of Optimarin, Tore Svanheld.

Optimarin is expanding its existing customer base with new customers brought on board by Hyde Marine. With the addition of Hyde Marine’s UV technology, Optimarin says it is also increasing its own system capacity. The company is targeting both BWTS retrofits and new build orders. At the beginning of 2023, the Norwegians set up a production base in China with proximity to Southeast Asian shipyards.

Optimarin plans further growth

“The acquisition is a win-win situation as Optimarin gains access to high-end technology, while Hyde Marine’s BWTS users will benefit from our comprehensive global service organisation with 24/7 availability and strong technical expertise to support efficient ballasting operations,” adds Svanheld.

In the longer term, the acquisition of Hyde Marine is also expected to support Optimarin’s strategic ambitions for future business growth. “We have recently expanded our product portfolio to include oil separators and wastewater treatment plants. With this transaction, we are now expanding the core business of BWTS to consolidate our strong position in this market, and we have every intention of remaining a force to be reckoned with in the maritime sector,” says Svanheld.

The company has a global network of service partners that includes the USA, Brazil, the UK, Norway, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Romania, the United Arab Emirates, China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. The company has a central service centre at its headquarters in Stavanger, Norway, where Optimarin also manages the worldwide distribution of spare parts. Hyde’s stock of BWTS spare parts will now be relocated to the main warehouses in Norway and Luxembourg.

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