MAN receives major order for frigate newbuildings

Caption: The order from Damen Naval comprises 8 MAN 20V28/33D STC marine engines (© MAN Energy Solutions)

The Dutch shipbuilding group Damen has commissioned MAN Energy Solutions to supply the propulsion engines and GenSets for four new frigates.

The frigate program is also known as ASWF – “Anti Submarine Warfare Frigates”. The order comprises eight MAN 20V28/33D STC marine engines and 16 MAN 16V175D-MEV GenSets.

The agreement also includes integrated logistical support, with two vessels each destined for the Dutch and Belgian navies. Delivery of the first engines and GenSets is scheduled for August 2025. The first frigate is expected to be handed over in 2028.

New frigates also for Germany

The new order is the second collaboration between the two companies in just over a year, after MAN Energy Solutions was awarded the contract to supply the propulsion engines for the F126 frigates currently being built by Damen Naval for the German Navy in September 2022.

Roland Briene, Managing Director at Damen Naval, says: “The MAN 20V28/33D STC 1,000 rpm engines are considered to be the most powerful and fuel-efficient diesel engines in the world and we believe they are the best solution for the ASW frigates.”

The primary role of the frigates is anti-submarine defense. They are designed to operate as quietly as possible to avoid detection by submarines. The 175D naval GenSets are intended to make a “significant contribution” to this.

The ASW frigates will replace the Karel Doorman-class multi-purpose frigates built by Damen Naval between 1985 and 1991. As the end of the ships’ service life was in sight, the Netherlands and Belgium jointly decided to replace them with the ASW frigates.

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