Fassmer delivers “Stollergrund” to the navy

After the “Kalkgrund” comes the “Stollergrund”: Fassmer has delivered the second measuring ship to the German Navy. The shipyard in Berne is hoping for further orders.

The “Stollergrund” is 51.70 m long, 10.2 m wide and will sail at 13 knots in future. Following the delivery of the “Kalkgrund” in June, the second measuring ship for the navy has now followed. The “Stollergrund” (Y 899) was named after a shoal in the Kiel Fjord not far from its home port of Eckernförde.

The two units were commissioned from Fassmer by the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology andIn-Service Support (BAAINBw) in July 2021. The WTD 71 defense technology unit will use the ship with a crew of up to 23 for defense technology testing, research and verification.

Among other things, it will be used to secure and recover torpedoes. However, the “Stollergrund” will also accompany submarines during shallow water testing and support autonomous underwater vehicles, diving operations and research projects near the coast.

“Stollergrund” replaces ageing units

The two sister ships will replace the class 745 multi-purpose boats “Breitgrund” (Y866) and “Mittelgrund” (Y864) as well as the barrage weapon test boat “Wilhelm Pullwer” (A1406). The two newbuildings, whose hulls were built by Western Baltija Shipbuilding, cost a total of €95 million.

Shipyard boss Holger Fassmer explained the construction time of two years with bottlenecks in the supply of materials, caused among other things by the coronavirus lockdown in China. The war in Ukraine also had an impact on prices.

The navy reportedly needs six more ships. Here too, the family-run company is hoping to win the contract.

Key data for the “Stollergrund”

  • Length: 51.70 m
  • Width: 10.20 m
  • Draft: 3.65 m
  • Propulsion: 2x 1,580 kW diesel-electric, IMO Tier 3
  • Speed: 13 kn
  • Occupancy: max. 23 persons
  • Equipment: 2 container berths, winch area on the foredeck, crane
Messboot, Marine, Fassmer, Kalkgrund
The first of two new measuring boats for the navy is moored at Fassmer’s outfitting pier (© Eckardt)

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