EST-Floattech supplies batteries for Thames ships

The Dutch provider of energy storage solutions, EST-Floattech, and the British shipyard Wight Shipyard want to cooperate.

The aim is to equip the “Mars Clipper” and the “Cross River Ferry” for Thames Clippers with battery systems from the Octopus series, the two companies have announced. Wight Shipyard has chosen the Octopus series for its energy efficiency and reliability, they say. The shipyard, based on the Isle of Wight, specialises in high-speed ferries, retrofits and maintenance.

EST-Floattech supplies Octopus series

The catamaran “Mars Clipper” is a high-speed passenger ferry. This ferry, which is part of Uber Boat by Thames Clippers, will be equipped with 480 kWh “High Energy” batteries. The vessel has a hybrid propulsion system. In the area between Tower Bridge and the piers at Battersea Power Station, the vessel will run exclusively on electricity. In other areas, it uses energy from biofuel engines.

The second ship, the “Cross River Ferry”, will be equipped with 960 kWh from the Octopus series. Thames Clippers has been operating a Cross River Ferry service for over 20 years. The current infrastructure has reached the end of its life and offers the opportunity to develop and operate an improved all-electric, zero-emission roll-on/roll-off ferry as a replacement. This will enable automated docking to reduce travel times and increase the capacity of the ferry for pedestrians and cyclists. Thanks to the Octopus series battery system, the vessel will travel quietly and with low emissions across the Thames.

A rendering of the new cross-river ferry

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Caption: A rendering of the new cross-river ferry