EST-Floattech supplies batteries for “Laboe”

Caption: EST-Floattech supplied its Octopus series for the "Laboe"

The latest ferry of the company Schlepp- und Fährgesellschaft Kiel (SFK) – the “Laboe” – has received batteries from the Dutch manufacturer EST-Floattech.

EST-Floattech supplied the Octopus series battery system for the SFK ferry. The “Laboe” was built by the Holland Shipyards Group. She is the sixth in a series of seven ferries[ds_preview].

The “Laboe” is equipped with 560 kWh of the Octopus High Energy System. This battery system ensures that energy consumption remains low during the voyage, as the ship can easily switch between generators and the battery system.

According to the battery manufacturer, the ship can even sail completely emission-free through the city of Kiel, where it transports pedestrians and cyclists. The system was integrated by Holland Ship Electric, which chose to work with EST-Floattech on the ferries for SFK.

EST-Floattech helps to reduce emissions

The city of Kiel is working to create an emission-free future. “This collaboration reflects a shared vision of a cleaner, more efficient maritime industry that aligns with global efforts to reduce carbon emissions thanks to the Octopus battery system,” said the energy storage manufacturer. The integrated energy management system optimizes the use of stored energy so that the ferry can operate more efficiently and reduce fuel consumption, which in turn leads to lower emissions and operating costs. According to EST-Floattech, the system has batteries with a high energy density, which should guarantee the SFK ferry “Laboe” optimum performance and a long service life.

Malte Klein from the Schlepp- und Fährgesellschaft Kiel mbH says: “When the new Octopus High Energy System was first presented to us, we were impressed by the system’s revised design and HMI functions. Easy integration into the ship’s networks and better connectivity to the PMS, the new system also has a higher safety standard. The performance of the system is more than satisfactory. SFK is also informed that the system can handle different types of batteries and is therefore future-proof.”

EST-Floattech has supplied its Octopus series for the “Laboe”

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