DeepOcean charters converted “Island Condor”

Caption: DeepOcean deploys the ship under the name "Island Ocean"

The Norwegian company DeepOcean has chartered the “Island Condor”. However, before the offshore multi-purpose vessel goes into service, it will be converted.

Following the conversion and refit, the multi-purpose support vessel (MPSV) is to be put into service as the “Island Ocean”[ds_preview].

The vessel, which was built in 2014 and has a 150-tonne crane, will be used for underwater inspections, maintenance and repairs as well as light construction and recycling services. The “Island Ocean” will serve customers from the offshore renewable energy industry as well as the oil and gas industry.

As part of the conversion, the ship will be extended by around 11 meters. In addition, two ROV hangars will be installed, the superstructure extended, the DP system upgraded and a large battery pack installed. An active front-end system will also be implemented to enable the transfer of redundant energy to the battery pack. A modern launch and recovery system for the ROVs will also be installed.

DeepOcean relies on second-hand tonnage

“Reusing existing tonnage is more environmentally friendly than building a new vessel, and the use of batteries is an efficient way to reduce CO2 emissions and operating costs. We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint through offshore operations and choose to work with shipping companies that can support these efforts,” says Øyvind Mikaelsen, CEO of DeepOcean.

DeepOcean is chartering the vessel from Ulsteinvik-based shipping company Island Offshore. The long-term charter contract will reportedly begin in the third quarter of 2024.

“Our strength is underwater services. Specialized subsea engineering expertise and tools combined with cost-efficient work platforms such as this MPSV enable subsea work to be carried out and create added value for offshore energy infrastructure operators. We are seeing an increasing demand for our services, which is why we are increasing our fleet of chartered vessels,” adds Øyvind Mikaelsen.

DeepOcean setzt das Schiff unter dem Namen »Island Ocean« ein
DeepOcean deploys the vessel under the name “Island Ocean”

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