Damen sells dredger to Indonesia

The Dutch shipbuilder Damen is known for building for “stock”. Now the shipyard has sold a dredger immediately after completion.

The buyer of the Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) 600 is the Indonesian customer PT. Dua Samudera Perkasa. The dredger is part of a complete dredging package that includes ship transportation, on-site crew training and dredger spare parts to facilitate maintenance work, Damen Dredging Equipment announced.

Damen dredger on its way to Indonesia

The distinctive CSD600, which is currently being shipped as deck cargo, is a brand new type of demountable dredger that has recently been added to the standard range, the manufacturer says.

The dredger has a cutting power of 250 kW and a maximum dredging depth of 16 meters. Its main area of application will be for maintenance dredging in rivers on the island of Kalimantan in Indonesia. PT. Dua Samudera Perkasa, is an important player in the port industry on the island.

The powerful dredger, named “Jhoni 58” after the owner’s son, was thoroughly inspected by the owner’s representatives at Damen Dredging Equipment’s shipyard. After various tests on the onboard systems, the technical acceptance was signed and the CSD600 was towed to Rotterdam. There, it was taken on the deck of a heavy-lift carrier for transportation to Indonesia.

Da der Bagger aus dem Lagerprogramm von Damen stammt, konnte er sofort geliefert werden
As the dredger came from Damen’s stock program, it could be delivered immediately

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Caption: As the excavator comes from Damen's stock program, it could be delivered immediately