Hoyer’s new bunker station laid on keel

Lots to do at the Hitzler Werft. The Lauenburg shipbuilders only recently delivered the innovative offshore vessel “Impulse”. Now they are celebrating another keel laying.

They recently celebrated another keel laying, namely that of a new bunker station for the Hamburg-based company Hoyer Marine. The contract for the construction was announced by the two managing directors of the shipyard, Marek and Kai Klimenko, in February. The keel has now been laid for the first construction phase.

Kai Klimenko, Geschäftsführer Hitzler Werft
Kai Klimenko, Managing Director of Hitzler Werft

“The keel laying marks the first visible milestone in shipbuilding. We have laid the keel for the first of three hull sections. This includes the first complete fuel tank and the first part of the second tank. Over the next two or three weeks, we will be assembling the remaining sections at the construction site where the first sections have now been laid on the keel, so that we can actually launch the ship in record time. So we are already planning the stack lift in July. After that, we will continue with the outfitting,” commented Managing Director Kai Klimenko on the ceremonial keel laying.

Bunker station being built at record speed

Hitzler Werft is able to build the bunkering station at such a fast pace because, according to Klimenko, it has everything it needs: the capacity, the expertise and the specialists. The shipyard also benefits from its many years of experience in building numerous tankers. The pontoon substructure is de facto nothing more than a section of a tanker, explains Kai Klimenko. “We can do that, we’ve built it countless times. And we built the hall superstructure in a very similar way four years ago on an order for the HPA.”

The bunker station, which is to be named “Johannisbollwerk”, will be delivered in the course of the year. According to the shipyard boss, the exact date also depends on when the berth and the necessary infrastructure at Hamburg’s Landungsbrücken will be ready. Among other things, mooring posts still need to be installed and the necessary energy facilities to be supplied at the bunker station’s future location.

Prominent berth at the Landungsbrücken

The new bunker station for Hoyer Marine with the newbuild number S.838 has a length of 30 meters and a width of 8 meters. It will be prominently located at the Landungsbrücken opposite the “Cap San Diego”. The bunkering station will comprise four tanks of 90 m³ each. These will also enable the bunkering of innovative fuels. The platform will also be equipped with a hall section in which greases, oils, etc. can be stored and dispensed.

bunker station
Keel laying ceremony at the Hitzler Werft (from left): Patrick Wagner, Michael Meyer and Frank Mehl (Hoyer Marine GmbH) as well as Marek and Kai Klimenko (Managing Directors of Hitzler Werft)

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Caption: Keel laying ceremony at the Hitzler Werft (from left): Patrick Wagner, Michael Meyer and Frank Mehl (Hoyer Marine GmbH) as well as Marek and Kai Klimenko (Managing Directors of Hitzler Werft)