Anschütz: The 200th megayacht bridge in sight

The Kiel-based navigation specialist Anschütz will deliver its 200th integrated bridge system (IBS) for megayachts in the coming months.

According to the company, demand for the bridge system is currently continuing to rise. In addition to new builds, the modernisation of megayachts is also increasing demand. By updating and upgrading the bridge systems to the latest state of the art, megayacht customers can rely on safe, comfortable and sustainable navigation, says Anschütz.

“We are excited to see when the 200th Anschütz bridge system for megayachts will be delivered,” says Philip Kankelfitz, Head of Integrated Bridge Systems. “For us, this success means a commitment to expanding our offering in this market and making our technology even more sustainable and better.”

Standard computer on board

The Synapsis NX integrated navigation system is effectively the operating system of Anschütz’s bridge systems. This latest generation of the navigation system optimises the performance of the bridge and makes operation more convenient, efficient and intelligent.

AI-like functions ensure consistent and validated data at every workstation and alarm processing throughout the system. Multifunctional workstations ensure maximum situational awareness and offer full control over navigation and the control system, says Anschütz. Last but not least, all applications would have modern, intuitive user interfaces and advanced features that go beyond IMO standards and support important use cases such as tender tracking or docking.

Synapsis NX uses standardized ship computers and an embedded software framework that serves as an integration platform for all sensors and systems on board. Modular software applications define the functional scope of a workstation. This simplifies both the replacement of system components and regular software updates for new functions and continuous compliance. As a standardised, fully scalable and easily configurable system, Synapsis NX is ideal for system integrators and shipyards.

Anschütz sold first bridge to Amels-Yacht

“The fact that we have now been among the market leaders for megayachts for a long time and have been able to work with the most renowned shipyards and the most magnificent yachts makes us proud and underlines the performance of our technology and, above all, our team in engineering, project management and customer service,” says Kankelfitz.

Anschütz sold its 100th superyacht IBS to the first Limited Editions Amels 188 in 2015 and has since continued to grow its business with many of the world’s leading megayacht yards and the world’s best integrators, the company says.

The demand for Anschütz bridges for megayachts is increasing

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Caption: The demand for Anschütz bridges for mega yachts is increasing