Van Oord completes offshore wind farm in the North Sea

Caption: Van Oord has completed "Hollandse Kust Noord"

Van Oord has successfully completed the installation of the Hollandse Kust Noord offshore wind farm.

The new offshore wind farm, which is located 18.5 km off the west coast of the Netherlands near Egmond aan Zee, now generates renewable energy for more than one million Dutch households, according to reports. [ds_preview]

CrossWind, a joint venture between Shell and Eneco, contracted Van Oord in 2020. As contractor for the entire installation, the offshore company’s activities included the planning, engineering, procurement, transportation and installation of the 70 wind turbine foundations, the cables between the fields and the transportation and installation of the wind turbines themselves.

Van Oord started work last fall

Installation of the wind farm foundations began in October 2022. The work has now been completed within a year, making this wind farm one of the fastest installed of its kind, according to the offshore company. Among others, the vessels “Bravenes” and “Nordnes”, the offshore installation vessel “MPI Resolution”, the cable-laying vessel “Nexus ” and the trencher “Dig-It” came in and worked together with other industry partners such as DEME, Seajacks and Cadeler.

Offshore wind energy is of crucial importance for the energy transition in the Netherlands, it is said. In recent years, Van Oord has played an important role in the development and construction of Dutch offshore wind farms such as “Gemini Offshore”, “Fryslân” and “Borssele III & IV and Site V”. With the completion of the Hollandse Kust Noord offshore wind farm, Van Oord can add another project to its impressive track record in offshore wind, the company said.

Van Oord hat »Hollandse Kust Noord« fertig gestellt
Van Oord has completed “Hollandse Kust Noord”

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