Port of Gothenburg has a new rail shuttle to Piteå

Caption: The port of Gothenburg has a new rail connection

Träfraktkontoret and its subsidiary TFK Logistics have set up a rail shuttle between Piteå and the Port of Gothenburg.

This means that companies in Sweden’s northernmost region have been given an “efficient and environmentally friendly transportation solution to and from their markets around the world”, according to the Port of Gothenburg.

The new rail shuttle is operated by TFK Logistics. The company has been operating the route since December 10. It runs twice a week. The wagons are loaded both at Shorelink in the port of Piteå and at Stenvalls Trä’s rail-bound terminal in Lövholmen before the train departs for the port of Gothenburg.

In Gothenburg, containers are transported directly to the terminal

Once they arrive at the Port of Gothenburg, the containers are transported directly to APM Terminals’ container terminal, where they are loaded directly onto ships for onward transportation worldwide. In theory, companies that load their goods in Piteå can have their containers on board a direct ocean-going vessel leaving the port just 48 hours later.

Tank containers are also transported by shuttle, and trailer wagons will also be included in the train from March. The trailer wagons will be handled at the Arken Intermodal Terminal, which is operated by Göteborg Roro Terminal.
The shuttle is a sustainable logistics solution that leads to considerable climate savings. According to calculations by the Swedish environmental institute IVL, the shuttle results in 80-90% fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to transporting cargo by feeder ships through the Baltic Sea, according to a statement from the port.

Der Hafen Göteborg hat eine neue Bahnverbindung
The port has a new rail link to northern Sweden

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