Intermarine expands fleet with four charter vessels

The MPP carrier Intermarine is starting the new year with a fleet expansion. Four F500 and F300 vessels will be added by February 1.

The US carrier has secured the four vessels via long-term charter agreements. The “Industrial Fraternity” and “Industrial Skipper” will enter service on January 12 and 15, followed by the “Industrial Swift” (all F500) and “Louise Auerbach” (F300) on February 1. [ds_preview]

According to the shipping company, the freighters will initially be deployed on global trade routes. The focus will be on improving connections between Europe, Africa and America in order to strengthen the company’s transatlantic network.

Intermarine operates a diversified fleet

“We have always had a dynamic mix of owned and time charter vessels in our fleet. The addition of these modern heavy lift vessels allows us to expand our services with an extremely attractive offering,” says Svend Andersen, CEO of Intermarine.

Intermarine and the Jumbo-SAL Alliance have a diversified fleet of heavy lift vessels. The F500 carriers, built in 2016 and 2017, are equipped with 2 x 250 t SWL cranes (combinable to 500 t SWL). The F360 has 2 x 180 t SWL cranes (combinable to 360 t SWL), and the F300 offers 2 x 150 t SWL cranes (combinable to 300 t SWL).

The “Industrial Fraternity” and “Louise Auerbach “h will commence their services from Northern Europe. The “Industrial Skipper” will set sail from Brazil and the “Industrial Swift” will start from the Mediterranean.

The America specialist Intermarine serves the US Gulf region, the Caribbean and South America with flexible liner services and has branches in the USA, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Denmark and Thailand. As part of the SAL Heavy Lift network, the shipping company can also transport cargo to every corner of the globe.

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