Suche global Introduces “HANSA.newscast by Janne Silden” Podcast global is thrilled to announce the integration of “Janne’s Technical Hot Seat” into its news portal, presenting the bi-weekly podcast under the new title “HANSA.newscast by Janne Silden”. This exciting addition expands global’s diverse portfolio, emphasizing expert discussions in the field of shipbuilding technology. The podcast, now titled “HANSA.newscast by Janne Silden,” will be released every 14 days, promising our readers and listeners a fresh perspective on technology and its impact.

Janne Silden, an experienced host and technology enthusiast, will continue to lead the discussions, infusing her unique perspective into each episode. Throughout her extensive career, Silden has deeply explored the connection between technology and emotions. Her conviction that technology and feelings are intricately linked is evident in her passion for the subject. She highlights that experts engage in technology because they find joy in the field, a viewpoint she skillfully brings to the forefront in her one-on-one conversations with interviewees.

“HANSA.newscast by Janne Silden” will showcase outstanding personalities from the technology industry, individuals who not only excel in their respective fields but also share a genuine passion for both technology and the people behind it. The podcast promises informative and entertaining discussions where Janne highlights the human side of technology, shedding light on the stories behind innovations.

We are proud to have Janne Silden on board and look forward to the evolution of this exciting format under the name “HANSA.newscast by Janne Silden”. This marks another stride in providing our readers with high-quality and versatile content. Expect riveting discussions, insightful perspectives, and a wealth of inspiration from our engaging content. Our readers and listeners are in for a treat!

And this is what Janne says about the podcast:

In each episode, of approx 20 minutes, you’ll have the opportunity to explore not only the business expertise of the guest I’m in conversation with but also gain insight into the company’s products and services. I assure you, every episode is as unique as the individual I’m interviewing. I’ve structured the discussions around six fundamental questions, ensuring you not only enjoy the conversation but also walk away with fresh perspectives and newfound knowledge. This technical hot seat is designed for anyone intrigued by technical products, sales, marketing, or contemplating a career change.

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Here you can find all HANSA.newscast episodes

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