“HANSA Maritime Excellence Award” for Nikolaus H. Schües

Nikolaus H. Schües is the very first winner of the “HANSA Maritime Excellence Award”. The CEO and owner of Reederei F. Laeisz and President of BIMCO received the award at yesterday’s HANSA Forum.

The shipping publisher HANSA presents this award to personalities who have rendered outstanding services to the maritime industry. The award ceremony took place at the 25th HANSA Forum at the International Maritime Museum Hamburg.

Peter Tamm, Managing Director of Schiffahrts-Verlag HANSA, gave the laudatory speech for the award winner. “The winner is extremely successful in running his family business, which will be 200 years old next year. It is a huge tradition and responsibility to set up this company for the future,” said Peter Tamm in his speech.

With his shipping company – which operates car carriers, various research vessels such as the “Polarstern” or the new “Uthörn”, LPG tankers, river cruise ships and container ships – and his commitment, Schües stands for innovation and creativity like no other.

Further information on the award ceremony and the HANSA Forum as well as photos of the event can be found in the next issue of HANSA.

“Over the course of 200 years, the company and the family have had to reinvent themselves time and again and assert themselves in their respective markets. All of this was influenced by wars, crises and economic fluctuations. Added to this is his voluntary commitment to German shipping in various offices and, most recently, as President of BIMCO for the entire shipping industry worldwide,” Peter Tamm continues.

This incredible voluntary commitment and his creativity were the decisive factors for the HANSA editorial team to present this personality in our maritime industry with the “Hansa Maritime Excellence Award”.

“I am delighted to be able to present you with this award today for your life’s work. After all these crises, you are once again giving German shipping a name and a face in the world. I think I can speak for everyone and thank you for your great voluntary commitment,” said the laudator.

Nikolaus H. Schües (li.) ist auf dem HANSA Forum ausgezeichnet worden. Die Laudatio auf ihn hielt Peter Tamm
Nikolaus H. Schües (left) was honored at the HANSA Forum. The laudatory speech was held by Peter Tamm

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