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Is the future electric?

Batteries enable quiet, low-vibration cruising without harmful emissions. They are already being used as the main drive in smaller yacht segments. In larger yachts, they tend to be used in hybrid propulsion concepts. In this issue of HANSA YACHTS, we inform you about innovative yacht projects in which batteries are used.

For years, shipyards have been striving to make conventional drives as quiet and low-vibration as possible. But now, a technology may finally achieve these goals: battery drives. While they are still unsuitable as the main propulsion for large boats and superyachts, they are increasingly being used as hybrid solutions. This issue takes a comprehensive look at selected yacht projects with batteries on board and sheds light on the future of clean propulsion in the yacht segment.

Another focus is on refit projects, such as the »Carinthia VII«, which was overhauled at the Lürssen shipyard. Or the complete refit of the yacht »REV Ocean« at the Norwegian Vard shipyard. The »REV Ocean«, stands as one of the largest and most innovative yachts globally. Stretching 182.9 meters in length, it’s purposefully designed for research and environmental conservation.

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