“Finnsirius” – sharp rise in passenger numbers since commissioning

Two months ago, the Finnlines shipping company put the new cargo-passenger ship “Finnsirius” into service. As the company has now announced, the ship has so far exceeded all expectations.

Finnlines has reported a sharp increase in passenger numbers on the Naantali-Långnäs-Kapellskär route in the first two months following the introduction of the new superstar ro-pax vessel “Finnsirius” on this route.

According to Finnlines, the new Superstar concept offers improved services on this route for both freight customers and passengers. The number of passengers on the Naantali-Långnäs-Kapellskär route, which connects Finland, the Åland Islands and Sweden, has increased by over 60% in the first two months of its operation compared to the same period in 2022. The Finnsirius was introduced on this route on September 15. With the new ship, Ålanders have also discovered Finnlines’ connections, and the number of passengers from Åland to the Finnish and Swedish mainland has increased significantly.

“Finncanopus” follows the “Finnsirius”

The new cargo/passenger vessels are an integral part of Finnlines’ strategy to offer improved services on this route, targeting both cargo customers and passengers. The company’s strategy will continue as the second Superstar vessel, the “Finncanopus”, will join “Finnsirius” on the same route in early 2024.

“I am very pleased with the development of passenger numbers on our route between Finland, Åland and Sweden, not least the figures for Åland, where we want to offer reliable and comfortable transportation solutions. We also want to be a strong partner for the Åland hospitality industry,” says Marco Palmu, Head of Passenger Services at Finnlines.

“With our Superstar vessels, Finnlines has set a new standard for passenger service on this route between Finland and Sweden. At the same time, Finnlines’ basic principles remain intact: We offer a reliable timetable, a flexible car deck with space for all types of vehicles and a relaxed journey,” Palmu continues.

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