Columbia and Multimarine launch cooperation

Caption: Mark O'Neil, CEO and President of the Columbia Group

Columbia Group and Multimarine Services to explore and identify joint projects in the maritime and energy sectors.

Under a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA), Multimarine Services and Columbia Group will work together to identify and explore projects, including specialized engineering and technical support services, ship repair and shipyard services, the pursuit of opportunities and collaboration in the superyacht industry, decarbonization initiatives, and ship and yacht newbuilding and conversion projects. [ds_preview]

The collaboration will also focus on energy projects, including joint investment in offshore renewable energy projects, manufacturing and construction initiatives and port infrastructure development. The two companies say they want to “combine expertise in the maritime and energy sectors and become a leading force in energy and renewables”.

Multimarine Services claims to be a leader in shipyards, engineering, manufacturing, construction, heavy lifting and integrated logistics services in the Mediterranean. The company owns and operates shipyard, fabrication and logistics facilities in the port of Limassol (Cyprus), an integrated logistics base for the energy industry in Greece and a ship repair facility in the port of Antwerp (Belgium).

Partnership strengthens Columbia in the area of decarbonization

Mark O’Neil, President and CEO of Columbia Group, said: “The synergies between our two companies are numerous and we look forward to jointly exploring services in the shipping, decarbonization, energy and offshore renewables sectors. In addition, this partnership strengthens and consolidates the Columbia Group’s references in the energy and offshore sectors in the Eastern Mediterranean and internationally.”

Phillipos Ioulianou, Director of Energy and Renewables at Columbia Group, said: “The partnership with Multimarine Services, an expert in maritime engineering and offshore in Cyprus, the Eastern Mediterranean and beyond, complements the services already offered by Columbia Group. We look forward to a constructive collaboration to develop sustainable solutions to the challenges our clients face in terms of decarbonization and beyond.”

Pavlos Phokas, Commercial Director of Multimarine Services, said: “At Multimarine, we strongly believe in joining forces with like-minded organizations, and we see that the collaboration with Columbia will create various opportunities for value creation. Both companies will combine their extensive expertise from the maritime and energy sectors and focus on becoming key players in the renewable energy and decarbonization space.”

In June 2023, the German shipowner Heinrich Schoeller united its wide-ranging shipping activities under the umbrella brand Columbia Group.

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