BAR Technologies is orienting itself towards China

Caption: Bulker "Berge Olympus" with WindWings sails from BAR Technologies

BAR Technologies initially worked with a Norwegian partner, but has now brought a Chinese shipbuilding group on board for the production of its sail systems.

China Merchants Energy Tech (CMET) is to take over the production of BAR Technologies’ “WindWings” in China. The Hong Kong-listed company, whose largest shareholder is China Merchants Industry Holding, will enable BAR Technologies to “produce enough WindWings to meet the growing demand while supplying them to customers at a reasonable price”, according to a statement. [ds_preview]

The agreement between BAR and CMET replaces the previous temporary partnership with Yara Marine Technologies after two years of collaboration in the development of wind-assisted propulsion solutions for the maritime market.

“As the shipping industry has responded quickly to the new emission regulations and recognized the significant cost savings of using wind turbines, the production management and manufacturing of BAR’s WindWings has been focused on China as an efficient location, given the country’s leading position in the construction of bulk and large cargo vessels,” BAR technologies said.

“Recognized that we need to align our production with the leading nations in shipbuilding”

As Asian shipping companies increase their share of future WindWings® orders – with Singaporean shipping company Berge Bulk being the latest user of BAR technology – CMET’s management of assembly and production in the Shanghai region will allow customers across Asia to easily collaborate on the installation of WindWings on their new vessels or retrofits.

Under the agreement, CMET will manage the value chain from procurement to construction and installation of WindWings at all shipyards in China. In addition, CMET will also manage the maintenance of the WindWings during their life cycle and provide training for ship crews on how to operate the hydrofoils. Meanwhile, BAR Technologies will continue to develop the system and create additional WindWings sizes and offerings.

John Cooper, Chief Executive Officer of BAR Technologies, said, “In reviewing where we manufacture our WindWings, we realized that we needed to align our production with the leading nations in global shipbuilding. Of course, the China Merchants Group has many yards in its wider group, but this is about producing for all yards in the region and developing ever closer relationships.”

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