“Baltica 2”: Contract awarded for wind turbine installation

Caption: Cadeler will work alongside Fred. Olsen Windcarrier to install the wind turbines in the "Balitca 2" offshore park

The Danish company Ørsted and the Polish energy group PGE are working together on the “Baltica” offshore wind farm project in the Baltic Sea.

The project is divided into the “Baltica 2” and “Baltica 3” projects. The installation of the wind turbines for “Baltica 2” was put out to tender in two parts. The first phase was awarded at the beginning of the year. A second contractor has now been selected. [ds_preview]

For the first expansion phase, the two partners commissioned Fred. Olsen Windcarrier with the installation of the first turbine package. The second batch of turbines will be installed by Cadeler. With this agreement, PGE and Ørsted have finalized the contracts for the installation of the turbines.

Cadeler wins the contract for “Baltica 2”

Cadeler is one of the world’s leading contractors for the construction, maintenance and deinstallation of offshore wind farms. Originally from Denmark, the company has specialized in the installation of turbines for the offshore sector for more than 15 years.

According to PGE and Ørsted, they have already ordered all the necessary components for the “Baltica 2” offshore wind farm and signed contracts for the installation of foundations, turbines and cables. The partners have also selected the general contractor for the onshore connection infrastructure. They have already received all the necessary building permits. The last step before the start of construction will be the final investment decision (FID), according to the two companies.

»Balitca 2«
Cadeler, alongside Fred. Olsen Windcarrier to install the wind turbines in the “Balitca 2” offshore park

About the project

“Baltica 2” is one of two stages of the “Baltica” offshore wind farm – alongside Baltica 3. PGE and Ørsted plan to construct “Baltica 2” with a capacity of 1.5 GW by the end of 2027 and “Baltica 3” with a capacity of 1 GW by 2030. The project is subject to the final investment decision. “Baltica 2” and “Baltica 3” will form the “Baltica” offshore wind farm with a total capacity of 2.5 GW.

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