Accident yacht leaves building dock at Lürssen

Caption: "Alibaba" was undocked at Lürssen (© Eckardt)

The approximately 140-meter-long mega yacht “Alibaba” has been undocked earlier than planned at the Lürssen site in Bremen-Aumund with tug assistance.

The gray yacht, which resembles a naval vessel due to its design and gray paintwork, was then moved to the shipyard’s fitting-out pier[ds_preview].

The megayacht was last seen in individual steel assemblies in May 2022, when sections were transferred to the covered, 170-meter-long building dock in Bremen-Nord for assembly. There are not many details about this project, which began construction in 2019. The yacht has four passenger decks and was built from a steel hull with aluminum superstructures. It is 136.8 m long, 20 m wide and has a draught of 5.8 m.

German Frers from Argentina is responsible for the exterior design, so that one can already recognize similarities to the “Pacific”, which was delivered by Lürssen 13 years ago but is only 82 m long and was also designed by this design office. The yacht is powered by two MAN engines.

Will the yacht be transferred to Blohm+Voss?

The “Alibaba” made headlines last week when it broke through the building dock door and the building dock cladding for reasons that have not yet been specified. A worker at the shipyard was injured. It was reported from the shipyard that she may have slipped off the bracing while floating up the building dock. The building dock gate and a passenger bridge, which was located in front of the building dock, were destroyed in the accident and lay aground in front of the dock. They were salvaged last weekend with the help of the two floating cranes “BHV Athlet” from BVT Chartering in Bremerhaven and the strongest German floating crane “Enak” from Lührs Schifffahrt in Hamburg and lowered ashore.

It is not known to what extent the yacht was damaged in the accident, but the undocking on Tuesday was brought forward in order to have the ship examined for damage to the hull in a floating dock as quickly as possible. According to unconfirmed information, the “Alibaba” will now be transferred to the Blohm + Voss shipyard in Hamburg by the weekend at the latest.

The “Alibaba” is currently ranked 23rd in the world ranking of the world’s largest yachts. Information about the client is not yet available. Lürssen Yachts currently has several major projects under construction, primarily at its production facilities on the Weser, including the 130-metre-long “Deep Blue”, the 114-metre-long fuel cell megayacht “Cosmos” and the 82-metre-long “Cali” at the Schacht-Audorf site on the Kiel Canal. (CE)

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